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Accutane Day 79



Not much new to report - I haven't had any new breakouts since my last entry. Yay! Still suffering from red marks which are slowly healing - and I can still feel little bumps along my right jawline. I think these will be the last to heal, but I wish they'd get on with it!

Still feeling tired very, very easily - but that's partly because I've been really busy. My nose has also swollen a little on the left nostril. Not sure if this is the accutane, or even if this is acne! It feels kind of like a cyst - but it could be a bug bite - but how random! I've never had this happen before and it isn't really going away. Keep applying neosporin at night - hopefully that will help.

Have to say, I love that I can go all day without reapplying makeup or clearing off oil. Only annoyance is I'm now really self-conscious about my lips - I wonder if they are peeling and I'm putting on aquaphor and vaseline all the time - but by midday, I really have to take a wet washcloth to them to scrub off the white peely skin. Argh!!! Wish this could be done soon!!! Why can't I be like other girls and have beautiful skin?? Do they know how lucky they are and how much I envy them??


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