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Day 2



The cravings aren't too bad today. It's a lovely spring day, so again I've been outside.

I went and bought some apple cider vinegar today for seb derm, and also a vitamin B complex for both SD and acne. I'm kind of skeptical over the apple cider vinegar approach, as it's all about restoring good gut flora, etc. While this does sound somewhat scientific, I want more proof, I think there are studies that link candida with SD, but then candida seems to be linked to everything. It feels much like the "X is carcinogenic" theory.

Vitamin B (in all its isoforms) should help. But I already have vitamin B in my multi, so who knows how much more improvement I can hope to get out of it.

So I've basked in the sun. I probably need to use some selsun on my face... There is good news!! Some patches (of SD) on the left and right side of my face, just lateral to my nose and below my eyes have started flaking, which generally means they'll shrink and fade soon. Also, I only have about 3 activish pimples and a couple that I've just popped. And these are fairly small papules. So I think that's only about an addition of one active pimple in the last week, I think that's pretty awesome!

Technically I know, I should probably just stick to my sugar-free diet. As I'm introducing loads of confounds by utilising multiple treatments for acne and SD. But I more care that I'm acne and SD free, than for the scientific explanation of my ailments. lol.


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