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New to acne.org help

Danny lingo


Hey guys I'm new to acne.org, but I've been suffering from what I believe I'd moderate to severe acne for the past few months. Before may I have never really experienced a severe break out my whole life (19 years old). I was weight lifting for about 7 months drinking lots of milk, whey protein and all sorts of things I'm guessing is bad for acne, but just recently a few weeks ago found out. I've had most of my troubles on my cheeks and mainly ony right cheek. They are nodules on my cheeks and mostly inflamed white heads around my chin, mouth/jaw line area. In the beggining of the year I went through alot of stress do to a harsh break up and now this doesn't male it any easier if you know what I mean. I've been on a fairly strict paleo diet for about 2 1/2 weeks. And with one cheat day only. I noticed something different from my recent break out though and I'm not sure if it was due to the diet change. I used to get one or two very inflamed nodules every 3 weeks on my right cheek for 3 months..but now last week it was only 2 mildly inflamed white heads that healed in a week completly, unlike the other ones that are taking about month. I want opinions/thoughts and advice from anyone here because it's getting a bit hard keeping this to myself and wanna know if people are in to join a paleo diet with me


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