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AHA+ - Day 110



Woow, it's been a long time since I last wrote an entry here!

Anyhows, good news - my face has been clearing up lately!

Yes, as amazing as it sounds, I no longer have the annoying chin acne I was complaining about earlier. I discovered that the chin acne was due to antibiotics I had been taking - I have been consuming antibiotics for toooooo long I suppose - but after I decided to completely stop taking them, the chin acne went away in a matter of days. I'm left with red marks that seem to fade away quite well, though.

Speaking of pimples, I no longer get so many of them. Atm I have about 5 pimples on my face - and that's not many, considering that earlier this year I would get 1 pimple / day. Usually I get around 1~2 pimples / week, so even though I am not completely clear, I am happy with the current results.

And I really have to emphasize that AHA+ along with CP Serum (which I started using about 2 months ago) have improved my skin texture big time. I guess after having used BP cream for so many years, I never really realized that my skin texture was actually quite bad - not only was it completely red and irritated but it was also rough and sort of.. "old" looking. Nowadays my facial skin is really soft and smooth, just like skin on other parts of my body. The hyperpigmentation is still there but I'm seeing improvement there as well.

CP Serum has also been great for combatting the oiliness of my face - my face, even though it still gets a bit oily, hasn't been this oil-free for a few years. I can't believe how much good CP Serum with AHA+ has done to my skin so far, it's almost unbelievable. And I think that AHAs and BHAs should be used alongside CP Serum as CP Serum accelerates the healing of your skin. You peel off the dead & bad skin with AHA / BHA and then heal & bring out healthier skin cells with the help of CP Serum. For me, this has worked.

There are still a lot of things about my skin that bother me but I am quite optimistic these days - maybe someday I will have a good-looking skin. Atm, I have a better-than-before-looking skin, which is great. But obviously, not enough for me.

Also, I'd like to point out that, yes, I have used both Dan's AHA+ and CP Serum for good few months already - so these results are nothing like "I think there's some improvement" but rather like "I KNOW there is some improvement". Trust me, both products are worth trying, at least.

Anyway, I'll be updating again some time!


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