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Day 70 Post Accutane



It's been 2 weeks since my last post and I continue to be COMPLETLY CLEAR! :) It's amazing how beutiful my skin looks. I go with out makeup without given it a second thought now.

I have found an amazing man that loves to see me without any makeup and tells me how beutiful my skin looks, even with the scaring.

I have not felt this happy in years!! :catdance:

My side effects are completly gone and have no issues.

CONCLUSION: Acctuane changed my life for the better and I will do it all over again if I had too!

The END :)


Ah I'm so pleased your Accutane journey has been successful and you are now acne free. Good for you, its such a positive story to read! I hope my journey is as good as yours, and how lovely that your man loves you for who you are.

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Thank You so much! It really has been a great experience for me being on accutane and seeing the end results....It was really hard in the beginning but once I hit month 4 it started to get better....Hang in there if you are on accutane....It will be worth it at the end :clap:

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Congratulations! I am on my 6th month and this is the first time I have not broken out! not one! so my doctor said it might be my last month... i'm a little anxious....

anyway, I am so glad to read your blog! I hope the oiliness in me doesn't come back.... I hated that..... we'll see

Happy that you found a guy that loves you for who you are..... I don't know what I would do without my boyfriend... he has been very supportive all the way :) despite of my side effects.....

I'm excited for you!

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