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day 36



So I'm on 'Day 36' and really don't have a whole lot to report, bar that my face is starting to get dry and peel a little. I have been avoiding putting moisturiser on at night sometimes, as I'm scared it's feeding my spots, but think that might be why the dryness has occured! My lips are dry too, but the Vaseline is looking after them well.

As regards my face, still no improvement at all. Got lots of scabs/big lumps which I am trying to hide with foundation, and don't even get me started on the red marks. I have all the spots still that I reported previously, plus another mahusive one coming on the left side of my chin. Oh joys! It really bloody hurts as well, and looks like I have two chins!!

I went to London at the weekend and had a great time, but kept my head down as much as I could and kept applying makeup every time we stopped. I was stood on the tube face to face with no end of people, and all I could think of was 'poor you, having to look at my mug!!'

I work with doctors and one who knows I'm on Roaccutane asked me how I'm doing. She said that my dose needs to be upped and my skin needs to really dry out, in order for it to be working. She also said my steroids should be stopped, but I should prepare myself for a 'flare-up' once they are, as they are keeping the IB abay - something which I very much disagree with, as my face looks rediculous at the moment!!!

Anyways, I'm still struggling with spots that have come up as they just won't heal (I'm being a good girl and trying to avoid picking). The other night one fell off in my sleep and there was that liquid crap all over my duvet - gross! Its just not fair, they've been kicking around for over two weeks now and haven't dried up one bit. Any suggestions on how to rid them carefully whilst on Roaccutane would be greatly appreciated!

That's all for now folks x


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