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breakout on week 4



so its week 4,Ive got a few big new zits which sux but am caking on the bp which helps.

i have been forgetful with taking my zinc pills twice a day and also with drinking water ( 1.5 litres a day) so i guess i couldve expected it, also just after monthly which explains alot. overall i must say breakout was not as bad as it usually is but i was also naughty with picking new ones which just spreads the problem! anyways overall still happy that regimen clears alot up, I just wish it was more constant so that the normal stuff didnt break it out, but i guess that people with skin like mine actually have to make every effort to avoid break outs, just because you look clear one week doesnt mean slack off, means work harder to ensure it stays that way.

Its hard sometimes, been a pain for 15 yrs of my life, but sometimes we just have to take the good with the bad and make the best of it. Getting into a relationship with God has been awesome over past 5 yrs, although my skin still gets me down from time to time, I look to Him now for my self worth instead of at everyone elses approval... and He says we are beautiful... :)

I need to up my game again from today... water, zinc tablets and no picking!!


I'm up to my 5th day with a huge improvement in my skin, but I'm a bit the same as you...finding it hard to stop picking. How is it possible to ignore a whitehead? Its beyond my strength! I'm enjoying reading your blog...keep it up. :clap:

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well done ! :clap: just want to say dont get despondant, first week mine looked great and the following it started breaking out a bit. ive read people on this site that only became clear after a yr!i read your profile and i feel ur pain. im 27 and started when i was 12. have worn make up in school since about 14. its been a true heartache, at this stage though at least with makeup my skin looks muchbetter however still red without. ill stick to it and see how it goes but i sure dont leave house without my full face :) i find the base i use doesnt break me out though. its mainly the hormone side i think. if you have charlie products in australia why not try it, i find it works and covers well and doesnt break me out. i use liquid foundation along with mineral powder , all charlie. all the best on ur journey and thanks for the encouragement. God bless.

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