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Spiro 1 Month



Its finally here! One whole month on Spironolactone. And you know what? I /think? I'm seeing the beginnings of some good results. Can't be sure, especially since I'm only on 25mg currently (going back up to 50mg in the next few weeks), but my skin seems to be doing noticeably better progressively in the past two weeks. Considering I've been having virtually non-stop cystic nodules, surface acne, tons of non-inflamed comedones (bumps that look like pimples but aren't red and have no visible head) and small rash-like acne bump break-outs all over my face, neck, chest, shoulders and back for the past 3 months, I am now seeing several weeks of progressively clearer skin, decreased severity of breakouts, very very few cysts on the face/chin/neck area and a lot less clogged non-inflamed comedones. I'm not positive that this is 100% due to the Spiro showing its effects, it could be coincidental, but I certainly hope it is the Spiro. I haven't had this amount of maintained clarity for this amount of time since probably around January, so I'm thinking it is the Spiro in its very early stages of success. Now, by no means am I totally clear.. maybe about 70%, whereas before the Spiro a month ago I would average around only about 20-30% clear. However, even though I am still getting spots, they are nowhere near the severity of the breakouts I had been getting all summer. I would constantly have 2-3 cysts on each cheek, with another 4-5 on my chin and along my jawline on each side, my entire neck covered in a combination of rash-like acne bumps and deep, extremely painful cysts that took weeks to heal, constellations of cysts on my shoulders/back, and a solid layer of small cysts on my chest. In addition to that, I also had lots of clogged pores, scattered cosmetic and surface acne, and non-inflamed bumps all over my face. The worst part was that as soon as one breakout would begin to heal, another would surface on top of the old breakout and the red marks would never get a chance to fade, making it look twice as bad. It was really getting upsetting. I've dealt with bad skin for the past 10 years, but this summer has been beastly. But in the past few weeks, I'm definitely noticing a gradual improvement. I haven't had a legitimate breakout in several weeks. I get a new pimple or two on my face maybe every other day, but they are not cystic and heal up pretty quickly. All the cysts on my jawline are gone. My neck is virtually clear once the faint red marks finish fading, except for one or two cysts where my neck meets my shoulders, but I suspect thats from starting to use hairspray, which I usually stay away from. I've noticed a reduction in the amount of non-inflamed bumps on my face, which is a relief because those suckers are annoying. They aren't even noticeable without makeup because they are skin-coloured, but as soon as I put makeup over them, they stand out like crazy and it looks like I just put a ton of makeup over a patch of zits. The only areas I haven't seen much improvement in are 1) oil production and 2) back/chest acne. My oil production seems varied but not reduced. Some days, like today, my skin seemed slightly less oily than usual. However, most days, I still get crazy shiny. Number 2 is my back/chest acne. Still getting cysts on my back, and more acne on my chest than I am comfortable with. I'm not used to acne on my chest at all. I've always had it bad on my face/neck/shoulders/back in the past, but I would only have an occasional zit on my chest. Anything more than that was due to an allergic reaction/rash of some sort. This summer though, my chest has been plastered with zits. I kinda took having a clear chest for granted, because now all I wear is t-shirts, and I'm starting to miss the low-cut blouses. Though I've seen a decrease in the acne severity on my face/neck, I've yet to see significant clearance on my chest/back. My shoulders are clear (yay tank tops!!) but there's only been a slight improvement in my chest acne, and its hard to say if its lasting because it varies day to day. I think I'd also be safe to say I haven't really seen much of a change at all with my back. Really the only thing that keeps my body acne clear is tanning, which I need to do again soon before things get out of hand. Anyways, my overall evaluation of Spiro after 1 month is positive. I think I'm on the right track, and if I can come this far on 25mg I really think 50 will be the winning dose for me, but we'll see. I will check back in once I find out if I can safely go back to 50! Until then- :)


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