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Day 1



I must admit, I'm feeling kind of down today. It makes it all the harder to resist the temptation. But I've decided I will blog instead.

I realised last night, with my best friend getting a new gf, how lonely I am. I guess it's more that I'm the last single person in my house, all my roommates are in there rooms with their gf's more than likely copulating, while I'm obsessing over my skin, procrastinating over uni work, and watching old TV. It seems like such a depressing fact. Not that I don't have other friends that are single, I mean I do, at church and at uni. But it seems most of my close friends are in relationships, which means I get to spend a lot less time with them, and become increasingly bored, and feel a little socially isolated. I suppose welcome to being an adult.

There is this lass (I just watched an English film by the name of Submarine; quite a good movie if you're into quirky dramas) that I'm sort of interested in, but I don't really know if she's interested in me, I mean she's nice and funny and intelligent, but she's nice to everyone, so I guess I fear that I'm mistaking her friendly manner for interest. I always doubt myself like that. Ha ha, even nearly having a degree in psychology, I still can't read women.

So this morning I've had off uni, I've just been attempting to sit in the sun (UV is really good for seb derm) but it keeps hiding behind the clouds. I don't know how my skin would cope in a colder clime. It already hates winter, and breaks out, despite the fact that I live in a subtropical part of Australia, where it isn't really cold. I mean I can't imagine what would happen in somewhere like Canada. I think my face would be overtaken with a giant red flaky mass (ha ha). I also finished watching that movie, and I should be doing some work. I've decided I will leave soon and go in to uni and try and do some of an assignment. I think I should also try and go for a run, just to give me that bit of natural high.


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