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Re-starting the regimen, for the third time!



I don't know why I never learn! This is going to be the third time I've started the regimen.

Silly me got too complacent and too lazy and I had two or three weeks away from using BP. BAM!! The worst breakout I've ever had in my life, my face was so awful I felt like I should be in a medical textbook. I had so many zits I couldn't even count them, they were red, full of pus, sore and most of all, embarrassing. There was no way I could cover them up with makeup, there wasn't a millimetre of clear skin. I've concluded that my skin will not function without benzoyl peroxide anymore, it is addicted!

I came straight to acne.org to refresh my memory of the regimen and promptly re-ordered supplies of panoxyl 2.5%. I still have half a bottle of Dan's BP but am normally wary of using it because when it evaporates it really hurts my eyes, however, until panoxyl arrives I will use it as I am out of everything else.

So far so good, within hours my skin had started to calm down. The next day I was getting the red dry face I remembered from last time: I really hate this bit! I must remember to never stop the regimen again so I don't have to go through this stage yet again.

Today is day 4 I think and nearly all the white heads have gone, the irritation has started to go as well because I switched from Simple moisturiser to Aveeno and it doesn't sting now. My skin is feeling pretty rough and bumpy but at least there are no gigantic spots. All of them about half the size they were but still very red. Several new ones have appeared under my mouth and on my chin but I have faith that they will clear soon. My forehead has millions of tiny bumps all over it and the same tiny bumps are covering the area under my ears. I hope that they will eventually clear, I don't normally suffer from them.

Psychologically I just felt yucky and disgusted with myself. Yesterday to combat this I started taking Bach's Crab Apple flower remedy. I was reading a book about flower remedies by Phillip Chancellor and he wrote about some case studies where acne was cured by them. I've taken 5 doses and I feel better already; I don't feel as horrified by my skin today whereas normally my current level of spottiness would be much more distressing.

I spent the last couple of days obsessing over product reviews and have just ordered panoxyl 10 face wash. Check out the reviews on makeupalley.com! I hope it will be a miracle product for me too. I am using Organic Surge's face wash and haven't been particularly impressed so I'm alternating with Naturally Thinking's liquid soap. I don't know if it will be too harsh to use a second BP product but there's only one way to find out.


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