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So, umm, where to start...I've decided to go sugar-free, or really because I don't really have sugary foods besides: (a) Mother (energy drink), (b) M&Ms (the chocolate) (iii (the c produces a copyright symbol for some idiotic reason, lol)) sugar in coffee, I'll go those foods/drinks free. I definitely know that Mother aggravates everything, I get both acne and seb derm from this fucking addictive thing. But I don't want to give it up.

You see it all started about a year ago. I'd just broken up with my first girlfriend. I had exams on at uni. I had impoverished sleep. Life was difficult and stressful. So as one does, I self-medicated. I turned to energy drinks for that boost to get through the morning. I didn't really like coffee. And well, it helped. Honestly, it still does. But I know that's just the caffeine and sugar pretty much eliminating any morning slump in energy levels. And I know it's also partly psychological; emotional junkfood, that my mind thinks "I need" to get through the day. So I guess I just need to blog my experience of trying to give it up. Knowing that it's fairly addictive. This is how I'll attempt to keep accountable. Log my intake.

The M&Ms are just general study junkfood. I don't think there's any real addiction there, but considering that I'm only half way through the semester, there'll be plenty more opportunities to indulge. Finally, the coffee, I'm not giving that up, although I'm sure it would be good if I could. But hopefully I'm going to cut down from 2 tsps of sugar to 1. At least during the first week. Then no sugar the second.

So here's to two weeks of a sugar-free existence (HELP ME!!!) :)


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