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Week Three - Day 15 To 21 (01/09/2011 To 07/09/2011)



Week three


I've noticed sebum/bacteria plugs being pushed out of the pores on my face. The skin peeling on my chest has calmed down, and although my face is still peel-tastic (especially on and around my nose, my chin, and my cheeks) I've found that the new cleanser and wash is really helping with that. The skin on my back and chest has become really itchy, and I find myself scratching without realising. Forgot to mention I'm still occasionally using the pHisohex wash (Dr's approval), but no more than once every two days as I notice it does dry out my skin, and it stings quite a lot when I use it.


My face has calmed down a little, with the adjacent nose lesions subsiding, and just a couple of new spots, mainly on my forehead. My chest, however, continues to get fresh infections, and I'm disheartened by some large sites where partially scarred earlier lesions have gotten reinfected. These sites are quite painful, and it's hard to remember not to touch everything. The acne on my back has spread further, possibly due to me scratching and spreading the infection. I have heaps of whiteheads on my chest and back, and I'm still getting fresh papules. I have about 75 to 85% coverage on my chest, 85% coverage on my back which has spread to my shoulders, and a redistributed 10% on my face.

03/09/2011 or 04/09/2011

I think around this time I finally crack it and exfoliate. I try and avoid spreading the infection, and use a fresh synthetic loofah thing, which I cleanse with pHisohex before and after, and use it very gently on my face, chest and back (feels so good!). I now have a fresh batch of whiteheads around my chin, and abundant sebum plugs that are being pushed out.


Things appear to be slightly better on my chest (75% coverage). The previously re-infected sites seem to be calming down, and although I still have hundreds of spots on my chest down between my breasts to my stomach, they are less angry. The older spots seem to get harder, like larger whiteheards, which I am trying avoid squeezing. My back is still getting fresh infections, some of them over partially-healed/scarred sites (85%), and more on my shoulders. My face is a disaster (15 to 20% coverage). I had some kind of a sebum plug on the side of my lip which I tried to get rid of (one on the other side cleared out very easily), which bled a bit and is now a sore which won't heal, and I have a large blind nodule on the side of my nose in a slightly different position to the first one. I am getting fresh breakouts on my hairline and forehead, one of is more like a burn welt then a pimple. I have been trying to avoid using any makeup besides a tiny amount of concealer under my eyes and mascara on my lashes, but this week have a friend staying over so try and cover some of the damage with comedogenic evilness, using it as sparingly as I possibly can.


Chest definitely calmer, with fewer fresh sites (65 to 70% coverage, with scarring). Acne on back still spreading (90% coverage); it's now down to my lower back, although those lesions are pretty tiny. There are definitely less active sites on my shoulders and shoulderblades now, but the scarring is more obvious from old sites as redness seems to be reduced. Face has about 25% coverage, with the offending nodule still same size and forehead still the main culprit for fresh breakouts (although the welt-like one is scarring over now).


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