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Worried a little



Hello everyone. I am back. I haven't blogged since last year. I am writing because I am concerned about something. I have been enjoying acne free skin through the last months. I started the treatment on August 2010, and finished in December 2010. I have got a couple of black heads that are not very noticeable, but in the last weeks I have gotten small red bumps, that only last for 1 or 2 days thanks to some samples I got from Epiduo. To me this have not been a big deal.

But what have scared me, is that last week I discovered a "bump" under the sideburn of the right of my face, very close to the ear. It felt and looked like a cysts because it looked inflamed. Then I told my mother to take a bobby pin to see if she could pop up that cyst. She put some light pressure in it, and it did pop up, and it had a lot of pus.

Oh crap, not again. This cyst was not visible at all, it was hidden under the hair of my sideburns, so it really wasn't a distraction in my face, but what bugs me is that after being cyst free all of this time, I got a cyst again. I hope this is one time only, and I don't get no more. I am scared and I don't want a relapse again.

Last month I started to go to a plastic surgeon to see if he could apply some laser treatments that will remove my post-acne marks. He suggested Fraxel but is very pricey, 1,000 per section. He told me that I should start using a set of products that will condition my skin and lighten it up before Fraxel. Depending on the results I may not have to do a lot of Fraxel sections which will help me save $$$. This products are called Obagi and they are amazing, is a 5 step treatment that has a cleanser, toner, and a couple of lightening products, plus it has it's suncreen. Supposedly this products can cause acne at the beginning as a side effect, maybe this is what making me break out? I don't know.........

My skin has improve for the better with these products. My face looks more softer and lighter, what pissed me off was that fucking cyst that appear in that area of my face, a very sneaky one.

I will have an appointment with a estetician that works for that plastic surgeon, she is also giving me treatments of Blue peels, to help remove my marks. I will tell her about that cyst to see what she thinks.


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