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Day 27



Accutane can really mess with your mind! Just yesterday I was thinking that my initial outbreak might be coming to an end and wondering if the "cystic acne era" in my life might be over, and today I have three brand-new, very large cystic pimples (one next to my nose that I think is actually two cysts joined together, one on my chin and one above my lip...BOO!). It's so strange how cystic pimples form so quickly on Accutane. It would normally take about a week for a large one to form on my face, and now it apparently takes about 12 hours. On top of that I've got a whitehead between my eyes that turned into a nasty scab even though I didn't pick it, a large pimple on my jawline and a bunch of blackheads (more and more are falling out everyday though). I also see little bumps under the skin on my forehead and chin, and I am praying that these end up as small whiteheads and not cysts.

TWO days ago I was amazed that all my red marks from past pimples had faded, and somehow today it's like they all came back. In short, I am looking pretty terrible today. I was in class all day and didn't look in the mirror once because I didn't want to know what all my classmates were seeing under the harsh fluorescent lights in the classroom, so I was pretty shocked when I got home to see the three large cysts that weren't there this morning. ARG! I'm going to Mexico in two weeks with 20 friends and I am so afraid that my skin is going to continue to get worse and that my trip will be ruined because I will be so embarrassed by my acne.

On a brighter note, I was hoping that some ice-cream would make me feel better (bad for my skin, I know, but tonight I don't care!), so I tried a new Ben & Jerry's flavor called Red Velvet Cake, which was DELICIOUS! I definitely recommend it. :)

Anyhow, I hope to have more positive news to share soon. I'm seeing the derm on Tuesday and will get these cysts injected and see if she wants to up my dose.


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