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Is this how it's gonna be?



Hi everyone

I'm new at this site and like most of you guys I'm in a constant struggle with acne. It's no longer just a struggle with acne, it's a struggle with self esteem and disatisfaction and lost control.

I feel like I'm the only one out there, I don't know anyone who've had these huge problems with acne, I feel like a monster.

It's like acne is eating up my face while I'm watching helpless.

The physiological impact it's had on me is enormous.

I have tried almost everything. Every cream on the market, antibiotics, birthcontrol pills, light therapy, unconventional stuff like homeophatic approach. NOTHING is working!!!

It's no longer the acne itself that buggers me- but the scars it leaves behind. I NEVER used to scar before which is probably the reason why I could stand it this long. Then i tried out roaccutane for about 10 days and had horrible reactions to it, which made me stop the course. And its after that my skin started scarring, could it be related??? When I ask my doctor she obviously denies this.

I feel like roaccutane might be my only go. Should I give it another try? Thing is I'm SO worried about catching on all these stuff I read about; brain damage, kidney failure, cancer, alzheimer?! who know what. It's hard to get what's true and what's only lies.

Generally I'm a worried person. I worry about everything, specially when it comes to medication and diseases. I would prob catch horrible side effects just cos I believe that 's what's gonna happen.

Anywho, please tell me about your experiences., or ideas. what worked for you? My acne would probably be considered moderate-severe. If you have any accutane experience let me know how you gone! Cheers // Blueberrie


Hey! I feel like I repeat this info over and over but...I'll offer what I've experienced.It's interesting that you note the accutane maybe causing your skin to scar more easily. I've thought how much my skin structure and integrity has changed since accutane. in 2009 I took 20 mg a day for 3 months, and by the end of the course I was still breaking out. It did however get rid of all the cystic acne on my face, neck, and back. Granted, I knew hardly anything about skin care besides washing makeup off at night, and I used horrible skin products while on accutane which could have caused it. 3 main concerns about post-accutane 2 years later: very fragile/hypersensitive skin, gastrointestinal problems, and overall skin structure change.I personally would not take the risks of accutane again. Even though I am really tempted to give it another go, I do not want to go through the horribly dry, cracking bleeding lips, nose bleeds, peely extremely dry skin, rectal bleeding, dry/red eyes (that make me look like I'm on drugs), depression, lethargy, brittle thinned hair, etc. Nearly all those things I experienced to the extreme. Now, my skin returned to normal oily/dry skin.Right now, I'm avoiding harsh chemicals, avoiding alcohols, sodium lauryl sulfate, and silicones in skin products. Just from this alone my skin has cleared up so much (at least on my scalp, chest, back). Now I'm NOT eating wheat products (I have diarrhea/cramping), suspected food sensitivities like high salt/acidic foods, iodine foods, dairy, red meat/sea food, soy, processed foods, caffeine, etc. This has been a gradual diet change. If you do decide to use accutane, prepare yourself with the right moisturizer, lip balms, no harsh cleansers or anything. I could not even use soap on my body while on accutane.Just curious, how sensitive is your skin? I used Dan's regimen for a few months, but had to quit because I'm allergic to it. If you're not sensitive to benzoyl, I would try his regimen. It doesn't work for everyone obviously, but maybe just learn a little bit more on how to avoid irritating your skin, using absolutely no harsh products/chemicals on your skin (EVEN IF THEY SAY ORGANIC!!), modifying diet, etc before trying accutane? Let me know how it goes and what you decide! :clap:

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Hi!Thanks for your reply. Great to hear from someone who's been through accutane.My skin is very delicate and sensitive, I'll react to almost anything, alcoholic cleansers, facial masks, just hot water even! I get red and irritated easily. I suspect it might have been a side effect from longterm treatments with different topicals.Once i went on accutane I only did so for about 10 days, so I'm not sure what other side-effects i might have experienced if id continued, though i remember thinking that i would NEVER take that medication again.. yet here I am again considering it. The side effects i experienced was severe headaches and horrible night vision, sleeping problems and irritation of my eyes. How did accutane change your skin texture? Do you still scar after finishing your treatment? I'm worried how it's gonna turn out, that last thing i want is to get even more scarring. though i guess not treating my acne will cause that anyway... You reckon the gastrointestinal problems you have are a permanent side effect from accutane or did you experience that before? I really can't decide whether it's worth it or not, it feels like i have to pick between ruining my health or have acne forever with endless scarring as a result.. tough choice.If you could change your decision of taking accutane, would you?

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