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Day 25



It's hard to believe I have almost been on Accutane for an entire month! Tomorrow I go to get my blood test and next Tuesday I see the derm again. Here's a quick run-down of the state of my skin:

-Blackheads, blackheads, blackheads! I've never seen so many but they are definitely being pushed out because they are all raised bumps all over my face and I can see some pores have already pushed out the blackheads. Very attractive!

-I had three cysts injected this week on my chin and jawline, which was a relief because one had grown quite large and the others were probably on their way to getting really big too. Random small pimples keep popping up all over my face and take a few days to heal, but they're tiny.

-My skin got super, super dry since it is not longer producing even a tiny bit of oil, so I bought the Cerave cream, which is AMAZING. It really, really helps with dryness, and oddly enough, it's matte and doesn't leave a shine behind like the regular Cerave lotion does, so I have been using it morning and night. I also bought an Alba oil-free sunscreen for sensitive skin

-As of now, the redness is totally under control as long as I moisturize, and the red marks left behind from recent pimples seem to fade really fast because my skin is peeling so much

-My scalp is much better now because I've been applying jojoba oil for a few hours before I wash my hair, which I am only doing every 3-4 days now (sounds gross, I know, but it doesn't get oily at all and I asked my friends to be honest and tell me if it smells, and they said it doesn't!).

-I been very strict with my diet this week (lots of fruits and vegetable, tons of water, flax 1-2 times a day), so hopefully that will help with the inflamed pimples

As for other Accutane side-effects, I have noticed some pain in my joints and that I get tired easier when I exercise, but both are mild.

I'll update again in a few days!


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