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Day 31



Hi guys,

Nothing really much to report other than my face is an absolute mess! I have three mahusive scabs - one on my chin, one on my cheek and the other just under my nose. Is anyone else noticing that if they squeeze a spot or even knock it whilst on Roaccutane, it forms a massive scab? Also, these scabs are totally uncoverable, and they seem to be hanging around for what seems like ever, and not drying up. Has anyone got any suggestions of what I can put on them to try and soothe/aid the healing process?

Still really down and my face looks like its been hit by a bus, but trying to stay positive and think that one day all I will have to cover is red marks, as opposed to lumps, bumps and scabs!! I guess I'm only on day 31 so this initial outbreak will last for a bit yet, but everyone says things should improve in month two - here's hoping! I've got loads more red spots/scabs come up - I really hate the scabs the most as it looks like I have an STI on my face, which combined with acne is really gross!!!

So if anyone has any tips that would be great.

Ta x


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