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Day 100!



100 days! I can't believe how fast that's gone. I think my skin has improved a lot, but it still has TONS of room for improvement. My skin is getting drier everday. Oily skin? NEVER. That's a plus. But I'm constantly peeling! And the crescent shaped areas under my eyes? Clear of pimples and active acne... NOT CLEAR of horrible red marks and INSANE peeling. Everyday big pieces of skin fall off, leaving even redder skin! My nose is dry inside but not bleeding yet. The outside is bumpy, but it doesn't peel as much. The real problem is my jawline. It is full of red marks, especially by the chin, and pustules scattered about randomly. Under my chin I've been breaking out REALLY bad. It's been going on for weeks now! My chin is doing better, the past few days I've had big pustules, but it's died down a lot and is fairly clear. The cheek areas by my mouth (both cheeks) have lots of pustules, though it's gotten better. My cheeks are so much smoother, I love it! Unfortunately they're covered in red marks:( I have a few pimples on my left temple and a huge under the skin one on my right temple. My forehead is super dry, super peely, and has a few pustules. I also have two pimples next to each other on my upper lip. They really hurt. Those of you reading this are probably thinking: "this is improvement?!" but it really does look a lot better! honest. I now use Lóreal TrueMatch liquid foundation because my other makeup was looking too orange. I'm super pale, and sometimes the lightest shades of makeup are too dark:( I've always hated liquid foundation, but I like it now. It has good coverage and is easier to put on. Anyway: my only side effects have been dry skin (lots of peeling- but it's worth it!), dry lips (but I don't mind moisturizing every half hour), and back pains after I bend down. It's not too bad though, nothing i can't bear. Anyway I'm not sure how long I'll be on accutane. At the rate I'm going, probably for eight months. I read blogs about people who are clear by day 100, and I'm still covered in pimples! That's annoying. Happy one hundred! (sort of)


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