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Hi People

I am very happy today as I have had FOUR people at work tell me my skin looks good!!

I never have heard this before lol! I feel pleased. I hadnt been paying too much attention to my skin recently. I found that if I didnt look in a mirror, then I could ignore the fact that my skin was red/flaky/dry/peeling.

But, when I did take a good look today in the harsh light of the toilets at work, I must say it is a LOT smoother, not as many flaky patches. I actually look quite radiant!! Unless its a terrible coincidence as ive just bought a nice new blusher :doh: all beastly spots have reduced, the smaller spots are now gone or they're so small they can be covered with make up and my crusty looking chin and nose are now quite smooth. It's since ive used that No.7 Radiance cream facial thing. Only twice, but my skin is super soft after I use it. It's lovely and calming :)


Had my 2month check up at the derm yesterday. Again...very quick. Looked at my skin...said nothing...I told him I'd been feeling down and he said "Well do you want to come off Accutane?" so I replied "No....but I thought it was worth mentioning to you?? Due to all the reports of depression etc" and his reply was "Ok well keep an eye on it and if it worsens tell me". Suppose thats fair enough as i dont wanna come off them, not now that im seeing results!! :)

So...continuing like before on 40mg per day in the morning after my brekkie.

Just a word of encouragement.

Only a few weeks ago I was thinking that this will never work. I felt sad all the time and skni was red raw. Then BAM, my skin is calming, the spots are going and ive had lots of compliments!

KEEP GOING people x x

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