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Week 10, Day 71 - Half Way!



I am officially half way thru my treatment and I am truly pleased with the results so far.

I had my blood test this morning for my doctor's appointment on Friday. My skin is very sensitive and very dry. The La Roche products have been working well but I am still peeling from the Vitamin A cream and Tane. A hanger fell on my face this weekend and grazed my face and took off a layer of skin - my skin is so thin on this medication. I am sure there would be no cut if I wasnt on Tane. I just covered the cut with Polysporin and made a promise to be extra careful.

No new breakouts. I am just dealing with the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and I keep telling myself that it will go away in time. With my olive skin tone that means a long time but I have access to Obagi and microdermabrasion when my skin is strong enough.

I also have been miscounting the days - I made the assumption that I will be done Tane at the end of November when it is actually the middle of the month. It is a pleasant surprise. Just in time for my Birthday!


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