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Day 29



Today is day 29 (in the big brother house ... sorry couldn't resist!!).

So update, I spoke to Dermatology yesterday and said my face was going absolutely CRAZY breaking out, and they have decided to keep me on the steroids for another three weeks - 10mg a day. That should take me up to when I see the dermatologist again for my 2 month check, and no doubt he will have words as he doesn't particularly like me being on them.

Back to my face, it is absolutely disgusting. I had a nurse come in this morning to where I work and said 'what's wrong with your face - it looks sore', to which I burst into tears! Bless her, she was only asking but I thought I'd done a good job at covering the mountains up, until that point!! She's since bought chocolate in to try and cheer me up!!

So as for a spot count, I have two beasts right on the end of my nose (yes another one has popped up as the first must have been lonely), a mahusive one just underneath my nose which is just a big red, sore bump, a cluster of five on the left side of my nose which are all really scabby, a mahusive one on my left cheek which looks like I've had far too much botox in one area, two big red lumps on the left side of my hairline, two on my forehead and I've lost count at the big one's on my chin, as it looks like a golf range. I think its safe to say this is the initial breakout, I just hope it doesn't get any worse. The spots are bloody killing - very sore and they take ages to heal. I think that could be the Roaccutane though, as my skin looks like tissue and is very frail. I'm literally just putting moisturiser on now after cleansing/toning, as I don't want to irritate them any more, but I'm scared I'm feeding my face. It is absolutely devastating me at the moment and I'm very very down. I just hope this process wraps up soon but time seems to be going soooooooooo slow and each day brings another new friend to my face :). I'm off to London this weekend and was hoping it would be a little better, but fat chance of that! Ah well, I guess it'll be head down and hair in the face. One day I am hoping to be able to hold my head high again, and be proud of what I look like, but that seems like its a long way off right now.


Hi Bubbles! I read your last blog entry and wanted to drop a line and give you some encouragement! I'm so sorry that things have been so rough, but I can totally relate as I've had a total of eight cysts emerge in the last two weeks and many other tiny pimples that take longer than usual to go away. But, things will get better and this drug WILL work for us! I've been forcing myself to stay optimistic, avoiding mirrors at all costs, and covering what I can with makeup, but it definitely gets hard sometimes. In a few months we will look back at these blog entries and marvel at how far we have come, so let's look forward to that instead of focusing on how we look now. :)p.s. I noticed you wrote something about smoking in one of your entries (correct me if I'm wrong as I've read so many logs recently!!), but I wanted to let you know that smoking has always been a huge cystic acne trigger for me. I used to only smoke occasionally, but I would ALWAYS wake up with a cystic pimple the next day, so I'm sure cutting back will help you so much!

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Hey Espoirvertrauen!Thank you for your comment and words of encouragement, that is so sweet of you. It sounds like we're in the same boat as I've been reading your blog and see you developed acne aged 27 - just a year before me. Did you have clear skin before then?I've been really down this week and I think that is not helped by the Roaccutane and Steroids, but I am trying to stay positive and think of the end result. Its horrible though when you look in the mirror and all you can see on your face is scabs/red marks/bumps - I wish I could fastforward these next few months! Every spot I have seems to form a massive scab over it (I am a squeezer, because it feels like its releasing the pain sometimes as they get so big and full of crap!). Are you having problems with scabs?Re smoking - yes I definitely hear what your saying, I was smoking about 10 a day and have now reduced it to 2, and although it has not helped with stress levels, I'm hoping it will help with my acne a little! Your blog re alcohol made me laugh too - I like a social drink but don't feel very sociable looking like this at the moment, so haven't indulged that much! My new tipple is herbal tea - how sad!! :clap:

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Hey! Yes, my skin was like 95% clear until I turned 27...I had maybe one pimple a month before that and they were never cystic. They would take like three days to go away, so definitely nothing major! It's always hard to have acne, but I think having it at this age is much harder than having it as a teenager. Being out in the professional world with acne cysts and red/ dry/ peeling skin is quite embarrassing!! I am definitely experiencing the same scab issue that you are...luckily I am not a picker/ squeezer, but many times my smaller pimples now start bleeding simply from gently drying my face, and then I end up with a scab. I also had large scabs after I had some cysts drained a few weeks ago, and people thought I had fallen and skinned my chin! I've found that applying neosporin before I go to bed helps a lot. I used this on my cyst scabs and they actually healed without leaving a red mark!Hopefully only a few more weeks until our initial outbreak is over! :clap:

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