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Adult acne

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Tried and Tested...



I have been trying out different products for years, but really in the last 10months (after my acne went wacko when I came of the birth control pill) I have really tried EVERY possibility!

These are some of the things ive tried and my experience with them...

Cutting out dairy After I heard that cows milk has hormones in it I thought it would be a good idea to leave it out my diet for a while and see if it made a difference. It certainly did, just not really to my skin. It turned out I was lactose intolerant and my digestion hasnt never been better :doh:

Drinking Water I think this helps keeps my skin looking healthy, again, I dont think this is a cure for acne. But i believe that you need to keep it hydrated for your skin to heal with lesser scars.

ProBiotics I tried the probiotics and fiber thing... again it didnt help me. I was starting to realise that diet wasnt really my problem. Although some foods and drinks DO aggravate it! For me they include

  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • pastry
  • or any white flour

    Vitamins/Supplements I have tried SO many vitamins my shelf cant really take it all. But Ive tried ..... VitaminA,10,000iu this had some effect but I felt taking this much for a lengthy time wasnt safe, I also tried Beta Carotene which gives you a glow... sometimes quite a strong one! I remember someone commenting that I had yellow hands LOL VitaminB5 10g had no effect other than giving me a very bad tummy and it started to just be a hassle, Zinc 50mg I didnt notice any change, evening primrose made my skin VERY oily Vitamin D 5,000iuI still take these and I find them very beneficial to my mood, I will continue taking one a day during winter or on days I dont get out in the sun, Milk Thistle I use either the pills or the tincture and it helps rid of hangovers! Im not sure about its helps towards acne... but I think its great and cleanses your liver really well :)

    Topicals - Prescriptions
    • Duac - Really worked for me for about a year and a half, then stopped working
    • Differin - I moved to this when Duac stopped working and didnt notice a change
    • clindamycin - I didnt notice a real change
    • Benzoyl Peroxide - I find this too harsh and my skin seem inflamed
    • erythromycin - I used this after I found the anti-biotics helped, but this wasnt so effective
    • Nicam gel - No change
    • Skinoren - No change

      Antibiotics - Taken Orally
      • Tetracyclin
      • Erythromycin
      • Minocyclin

      None had lasting effects after the first few months.


      [*]Lemon juice - broke me out

      [*]Tumeric - This helped with healing current acne but didnt stop them from developing

      [*]Cucumber - Cooling effect but didnt help

      [*]Apple Cider Vinegar - Helped with some of my scarring but again not significant

      Hormones For me, I think this is my main issue.

      [*]Dianette Birth control - This was amazing while I was on it, Ive never really been totally clear but I was very close while taking these. however I wasnt able to stay on it after 4 years... my acne came back 10000% worse. I DO NOT RECOMMEND

      [*]Saw Palmetto - These really helped to stop the cystic breakouts, at the time I started to take them I thought my skin might be improving anyway and after a month I had a short break from them and my skin bloke out dreadfully.

      [*]Agnus Cactus - no effect

      [*]Progesterone cream - I have been using this for about 3 weeks and I believe this has made a real difference to me, this is not going to work over night but I feel different and I dont seem to get breakouts when I use it

      [*]Mint Tea - Helps control and lessen my oil production when i drink about 3/4 cups a day

      Current Regime


      1x 320mg Standardised Saw Palmetto

      1x 5000iu Vit D

      Apply Boots Expert Scar Serum

      Apply Organic Moisturiser w/ SPF 25


      1x 320mg Standardised Saw Palmetto

      Apply Retin A to face

      I wash my face with simple cream cleanser


wow ! this looks like my cabinet at home, ...well i tried everything you have except for saw palmetto? i am currently on trial number one on maca pills? i found also tea tree oil was no good and gave me a blister! ahhaha! gosh, well, thanks for sharing. let me know if the saw palmetto works longer term? i was thinking of trying birth control but i don't really want to. we shall see.

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Ditto! In fact I gave up on birth control for my acne completely about a month ago. I was on Yasmin (I had been on Dianette and didn't feel taht it was that it was altogether that beneficial plus my dermatologist said that coming off it can cause even worse skin problems, as you mention) but I don't think this did anything for my skin.

A month off Yasmin and I have noticed fewer breakouts. Nothing else in my routine has changed! Moreover my skin looks healthier - less dull.

I do however, have some nasty acne scars (both red marks and indentations) and was wondering what your experience with the retin A was for clearing the hyperpigmentation and also whether you had tried anything for acne scars (if you suffer from these).

Thanks and keep up the blog - it's great!

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dieffenbachia: you tried yasmin? oh yeah, i was going to try it, but decided too many people on here didn't like it, so back to the drawing board of trials! glad you have been better off no you aren't taking it, hope your skin stays better :)

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dieffenbachia: you tried yasmin? oh yeah, i was going to try it, but decided too many people on here didn't like it, so back to the drawing board of trials! glad you have been better off no you aren't taking it, hope your skin stays better :)

I was on Yasmin very briefly at the end of 2010. Only because I was no longer able to take Dianette which I had been on for 4 years... my doctor told me to switch. I did for about 2-3 months but I had terrible mood swings and my acne flared up a little... I decided Id rather just come off BCP completely - but then my skin got sooooooo much worse! It took about 7 months for it to calm down... I wouldnt go back on BCP. :)

Thanks for your comments x

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N.Clare thanks for your post, especially the reviews on stuff you've tried! I was very close to taking Dianette (actually had the rx filled and everything) but something in the back of my mind told me not to. I had read mixed reviews and especially didn't like the idea of acne coming back worse. Another doc. also gave me an rx for accutane but I was not willing to go that route just yet. So in the end I've been using retin-a at night, skinoren during the day and microdermabrasion once a month. This combo has really and truly worked well for me. The cystic stuff is 95% gone, skin is looking smoother and red scars ---though still there--- are fading. I know what works for me may not for others but just wanted to add my experience. Best to all~

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