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patience is the key!!!



I have been off of proactive for about a month now and it has been a downward spiral. I have been so stress out every since I got out of my proactive routin. My skin was so use to it ( insane) I had cystic acne, now I have white heads and some black heads but I think my skin is getting better with my new skin routin. I also have a little bit of chest and back acne. My boyfriend is a little tired of hearing complain about my skin constaly searching online or natural remedys :) but he just doesnt understand this is my skin I see my self everyday in the mirror. well my new sin care routin is cethaphil gental soap, exfoilate with a buff buff sponge and I love it, a little bit of panoxyl 10 % bp I do this in the morning while taking a shower. I use witch hazel as a toner and so far I am liking it 2 day using it and It works :). at night bp, witch hazel, and sometimes I use the proactive mask lol the only thing I like. I planning to buy tree tea oil as a spot treatment, and zinc as a vitmain supplement so I can reduce my bp and use it only at night. The only thing that I havent had success with is finding a good spf lotion for oily acne prone skin. any suggetion? I was using cethaphil spf but not anymore! to greasy... from a 1 to 10 I feel my skin is about a 6 now. Well thats all for now wish I could take a picture of my current acne but I cant figure out this picture uploader in acne.org. and my dame speel check does not want work sorry for the improper grammer :doh:

NO make up when I dont need to use it

drinking more water

eating healthy

avoid any stress thats not needed

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At least you have a boyfriend who understands you :) don't give up you can do this!

I'm currently on tretinoin 0.05% and i have somewhat a few pimples still but I know things will get better, I'm not losing hope :) it's my 8th week on it!

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