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Acne-Free Skin



Hi Everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I decided to start this blog here because I have come across a product line that has finally given both me and my daughter a beautiful, acne-free face. I am 40 years old and was so frusterated with ongoing break outs. I was certain I would have grown out ouf it by now. After much research and years of trial and error I found that almost every ailmnent stems from oxidative stress. Like many of you I was willing to try anything! I started taking a supplement called Protandim and using the face cream TrueScience (the combonation serves as the inside-out/outside-in approach and yields aggressive and quick results). TRUST ME IT WORKS!! I believe in this product so much I became an Independent Consultant and Distributor and am dedicated to sharing the discovery. It has change the way I feel about my appearance and those of every person...man, woman and teenager who have switched to using the products!

The science behind the products is quite extensive, but the basic concept is that it lowers the level of oxidative stress and as a result improving overall health and radiant clear skin - no more blemishes :doh:

Not sure what oxidative stress is? Essentially it is "rusting from the inside out" or the result of free radical damage. Everyone has heard of antioxidants in this day and age, but the unfortunate reality is that while one molecule of an antioxidant attacks one free radical, we wake up every morning with 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (thats a 3 with 23 zeros - ugh) free radicals in our bodies every morning, it's why we age, break out, etc etc. 1 Protandim and 1 application of TrueScience to the face combined attack 1 million free radicals every second of everyday - it starts working the second you start taking it and stay in your system for two weeks if you stop (so missing a dose is not a tragic event) - So what about other antioxidants like red wine that is so well know for being rich in antioxidants...Well scientific studies revealed it would take 97 glasses of red wine a day to yield the same effect. WOW!!! Now I like red wine but seriously now :)

Try for yourself - 100% moneyback guarantee - Get the clear skin you long for!!

Email me with questions and the link ( I cant seem to get it to be visible here in the blog - the link is in my profile as well)


I am happy to help!

Tanya :)


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