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The Weeks go on



Here I am again. Yea. :) I'm ready to rid myself of this problem forever. I'm going to the dermatologist this month and I really hate doing that because I have a feeling that he's going to put me on accutane again. I know it really helps me in the long run, but i can't stand the thought of my lips bloody and cracked, hurting when i talk, even when i put lipstuff on constantly. and my acne isn't improving, if anything it's getting worse. i'm going the middle of the month. maybe there is something i can do that will make it go away fast. at least my face isn't so dry as it was. I just really hope that it improves that it can heal on its own without accutane.

i've been using clearasil on my face at night. then my doctor told me in the mornings to use dove soap on my face. i don't know if thats too much or not enough. i'm also using differin cream gel and then bactrum pills. nothing is really helping. it says that it will help prevent acne, but more and more pimples pop up every day. the only thing i really like is that there is no acne anywhere accept my face. and there hasn't been for years. i've been lucky in that department, but its ironic because everyone can see your face, and the clear part of your body (back and shoulders) aren't seen on a daily basis. well, thats just the way the ball bounces i guess!

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Hey just letting you know that you're not alone in suffering with this. :clap: I have tried nearly every type of makeup, moisturizer, regimen, lotion, wash, soap, accutane, topical antibiotics, retinoids, etc. I actually treat my skin very well and stopped using many harsh chemicals on it, so that's why I believe at this point it is related to my diet and hormones. (most harsh chemical is retinoid right now). I've never been as self conscious with acne in the past until now, when I realize that most of my friends "grew out" of acne and I still have it as an adult. I've had acne since 4th grade, and now I still battle it even in my senior year of college. :(I think there are definitely better alternatives to accutane. It's not worth the side effects and consequences on the liver. A few weeks ago I was desperate, but am trying more natural powerful remedies which seem better. I hope your derm can really listen to your concerns, and not just write off another expensive prescription that won't work. Someone out there cares for you! :)

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