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An update!



Wow can't believe it's been 9 months.

Okay, so I found the 5% Panoxyl too strong, so switched to the 2.5% version. I used this religiously morning and night between October 2010 and around May 2011, although my skin mostly cleared up - the redness was unbearable, it was worse than having the acne! So in May I switched to only applying BP at night, and only applying moisturiser in the morning, (putting BP directly on the actual spots in the morning too). For me, this combination was the holy grail. I still used a lot of BP, although no where near as much as Dan recommends, from the Panoxyl tube I went from the tip of my finger to my second 'Finger-Knuckle', so half a fingers worth.

My skin was as clear as it had ever been, but then disaster struck.

PanOxyl decided to stop manufacturing. From June until now (September) Panoxyl 2.5% is out of stock everywhere in the West Midlands. I had to switch to 'Oxy on the Spot'. It worked, but I found it made my face look greasy, it also has some questionable ingredients in there, and was not available on Prescription, and is £8 for a tiny little tube that barely lasts 2 weeks! Although it did seem to work, I went to the doctors to ask what other BP they had on prescription, and my doctor led me astray and said I should try 'Azelaic Acid 15%', that many people who were on Panoxyl had switched to that and it worked as well as BP but without any of the side effects and it was much less harsh on the skin'.

I tried it, and after 2 weeks, I was breaking out, it made my skin look SO greasy it just wouldnt absorb, so I stopped - I went back and told her, and she put me back onto DUAC Gel, something I had used up until Sep 2010 as you can read in my last blog.

It's now 5 weeks down the line and I'm still breaking out. Im going to give it 5 more weeks and if I havent' cleared up, I'm going to go back to Oxy on the Spot.



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