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Week 10



Sorry, have not blogged in a while. I have reached week 10 and am seeing some results. The scars and redness on my cheek and forehead have reduced by 25%.

I was eager to do the Obagi peel to increase the results but my doctor has said that the product does 90% of the work and is far more effective than the peel. So I am going to complete another 12 weeks worth of product and make a decision then. I have paid for a package of two Obagi kits and a peel.

Overall I would have to say that the product does work. In previous blogs people have commented on the smell and cost. The products do not smell and if you only try it for a few weeks you will not see results. Yes, it is embarrassing to have a red face and flaky skin but if my skin continues to improve I would say it is well worth it. I hope by Christmas I can report that my scars have reduced by a further 25% or more.

It is expensive, but compared to all the products and laser treatments I have shelled out for previously I do not think it is a great expense.

If you are about to do the Obagi regime there are a few things you should know. The SPF step 6 is the one product they tell you to use the most, it is also the smallest tube of product. It runs out very quickly and it does not offer that much relief in regards to your dry and peeling skin. Another tube in the UK costs £50. Knowing what I know now I probably could have made it last longer.

I have used vaseline around my mouth and nose, the nurse told me to use just a little but as my mouth and chin have peeled considerably more than the rest of my face I was not too concerned with a rubbing vaseline around those areas.

Also don't use a lot of the face wash you only need a little bit. To use the toner buy a small spray bottle and use two to three spritzs on a cotton ball/pad, it is plenty.

I will write again in a few weeks.


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