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The prescription.



Today, I went to the dermatologist. This will be the second time I have seen a dermatologist, my first was last year and his regimen was unsuccessful. My name is Sophia, I'm 15 years old, and I've been getting acne since about 5th grade and I am now entering my sophomore year on Thursday. Acne has always been my biggest and pretty much only physical insecurity. It's been such a burden and has caused me to be very unhappy these past 5 years. Sometimes when I am breaking out really bad, I just try my hardest not to look in the mirror because my acne disgusts me. Although my dermatologist told me it's only mild, it seems severe compared to all the girls at school with gorgeous, clear skin who have never struggled with acne. Not only do I break out on my face (mainly my forehead and also my chin and T-zone but my forehead is the worst) but I occasionally break out on my chest and back which is a MAJOR issue because it makes me not want to show my back at all and I do not let people touch my back, ever. It's disgusting, 15 year old girls shouldn't have pimples on their backs, my 50 year old construction worker dad does but I shouldn't!! I should be like all the other girls who can wear strapless dresses and shirts and not have to worry if people are looking at their acne. None of my friends really understand because they have perfect skin and never had to worry about this. I've had a few very ignorant people say to me when I said how much I hate my acne, "Why don't you just get Proactiv?!" I have tried proactiv TWICE, 2 years apart, both 6 months at a time. Proactiv is one of the least effective things I have tried and I have tried A LOT. I'm just tired of my acne and I want it gone.

So, here is my regimen:

Morning: Pacnex Cleansing Pads

Afternoon: Wash with Cetaphil

Bedtime: Wash with Cetaphil and Apply Ziana Gel; Take Monodox (Doxycycline) once a day

I'll be starting my regimen tomorrow, wish me luck. I'm extremely afraid to go into another school year with horrendous skin. But hopefully this works.

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