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Roaccutane Day 31 (1 MONTH)



So it's been 1 month on Roaccutane and it's gone really fast so i'm hoping next month will too..

Basically this week has been a mess, when i first saw my dermatologist over a month ago she said i would next see her in about 6 weeks time. It was coming up to six weeks the other day so i rang up as i hadn't been sent a letter to say when my next appointment would be. They said it is because they are 2months behind on appointments so i would have to wait 2 months. I argued my way through and luckily got booked in to see a dermatologist earlier today. I have only been on it 31 days of 20mg a day and now have been upped to 40mg a day which is two 20mg tablets.

As i haven't had any bad side effects i am not going to need a blood test until 12 weeks time which is when i will next see my dermatologist! I have a prescription for 40mg a day for 4 weeks and then a prescription for also 55mg a day which i will start in 4 weeks which will consist of two 20mg tablets and three 5mg tablets. This is very confusing but basically i will be doing it on my own for a while with no dermatologist which is a bit unusual?

I was prescribed Dermol 500 Lotion to use as a wash, although it can be used to moisturize as well. I have just used it and it seems okay, it doesn't lather it's just like a cream and is mainly for eczema prone skin although i have never suffered from that in my life but i'm sure my skin will become very dry soon.

As far as my skin is concerned i had a spot erupt on my neck last week which was a huge red bump which went away and now another has popped up in a different place on the back of my neck. The left side of my face is calming down a lot and my right side is gradually getting there. Please bare in mind that my skin looks terrible but compared to how it was it is getting better but by no means is it anywhere clear so don't get your hopes up by there first month.

Will try to keep posting but it is hard to do it daily as i leave it really late, any questions please feel free to ask. :)


Hey! We must have started treatment around the same time! I've been reading your blog and see that your on 40mg a day now, which is the same as me. Good luck with your journey, I will keep checking your blog out to see how your getting on. Acne is a bitch isn't it?! Lets hope we get the results we desperately want, as soon as possible. Keep your chin up :clap:

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Thanks for the reply! (: Yeah i'm glad my dosage is 40mg now cus 20mg didn't really seem a lot! Acne is the biggest killer on my self confidence, i hate it.. (Before acne i was actually quite a confident person believe it or not) Yeah good luck to you hope it works nicely, we should start to see some really good results within another month or two.. Has your skin improved at all since you started? :clap:

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Hiya, sorry for the delay - only just seen your response. Yes its killed my confidence too, I don't wanna go out or do anything as makeup just won't cover the volcanoes on my face at the moment!! Plus my makeup looks really crap when I put it on coz my face is drying out. My face is really bad at the moment and is worse than before I started I think, but hopefully things will start to pick up soon. They say after month two you start noticing a difference. Keep your chin up hun, we'll get there! Keep us informed as to how your getting on :clap:

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