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Week 9, Day 67



So not much to report except that I am clear but very, very dry. The tane combined with vitamin A cream is a drying combination. I have been using my La Roche products for sensitive skin so it has been helping but there is still a high level of discomfort.

I wash my hair once or twice a week which is somewhat gross for me but there is no oil and I dont want to dry out my scalp more that what it is. My skin also seems to be peeling which has been good for the hyperpigmentation spots which with the use of vitamin A cream is lightening. I am tempted to start Obagi and do microdermabrasion but I will not my skin is too sensitive right now and I have to be patient.

But as we all know acne cannot clear fast enough. I have a blood test next Tuesday and doctor's appointment next Friday.


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