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Reality Check.



Today I woke up pissed. While brusing my teeth, I realized a HUGE pimple popped up on my right cheek overnight. Right now I don't have school, but tomorrow I'm going to be going to a school event and furthermore, next week I'll be back in school. Of course, I get to say hello to all of my friends with a volcano on my face. Just great. Anyways, I was online AGAIN looking for some new things to help my pimple, when I stumbled across this site. I looked and looked and saw a whole bunch of people JUST LIKE ME! BAHAH.

Anyways, so I told myself, you know there are people who have acne worse than you, Brianna. Yet you can't help but feel sorry for yourself. Reality Check! Sometimes, I think my brain is smaller than some of my zits!

So, I created this blog, where I want people to seriously comment, but also think about how acne has one way or another brought you down. For me, I know that having acne is a serious kick to my pimpley face. And it sucks. But, I don't want to feel that way, and it hurts me to know that other people feel the same. So here's what I ask from you guys:

1. Think about a time, where having acne has brought you down. Socially, internally etc.

2. Think about a time, when SOMEBODY ELSE was put down, due to their acne, that you have witnessed, or know of.

3. Think about a time, when you had a really bad day at school/work! Just one crap filled day and you feel like everybody thought you were retarded, and you FELT retarded.

4. Think of someone, who you have judged due to acne, their hair, in general THEIR LOOKS.


I guess what I'm saying is, when I was thinking of #'s 1-3 I had so many different scenarios in my head, it hurt to think about. But, when I had to think of #'s 2-4 there was a different story. I remember TWO times when my friends were made fun of due to having bad skin. I remember TWO THOUSAND times, when I felt put-down due to my acne. And I know a few people who have bad skin/hair problems, and I know I have judged them. But I remember A TON of times when I felt judged by my acne.

I guess it's funny how, when it comes to me, I find it terrible, but when it comes to others...meh.

Now you're thinking, okay you freak, this just seems like a whole lot of nothing.


Having bad skin, having acne, getting mad and stressed because of pimples and zits...is A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING.

I can't know everyone who will read this blog, but I can say that out of everyone, all I seem to think of is myself sometimes. I think that having acne defines my entire existence and how much it sucks. But, I know that sometimes I could use a big dose of Real Life. No one really cares about my zits but me, nobody loses sleep over it, or gives up a great oppurtunity because of my acne but ME.

So why do I feel like everybody judges me for it? Because, my world revolves around me, but every once in a while, I need to do my best to remember, NO ONE ELSE CARES!!

Usually thinking "NO ONE ELSE CARES" is a depressing thought, but in this case, I find it extremely comforting. How great it is to think no one else thinks about my acne as much as I do.


If you take anything away from this, please get this: acne does not have to bring you down or make you feel small.

You are one beautiful person, and acne, or any other insecurites you have of yourself, is really only important to YOU. SO don't be fooled into thinking everyone constantly thinks you have bad skin, or that you're overweight, or unnatractive. I promise you that YOU are the only person bringing YOU down. Next time you feel like acne is going to make you feel worse about yourself, or you find yourself embarresed, try your best to remember:


So neither should you! :)

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hi i've known about this website for a long time but i just made an account. i'm currently having so much stress and anxiety over my skin i'm picking at my skin so much- i know this is bad, but anyways i just wanted to let you know that this blog post really helped me to see that my skin really isn't that bad

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