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Over the years and the effects of acne.



So over the years, acne has really taken a toll to my face. I was examining my face with a super magnifying mirror. I do have scars, they may be very small but I have them. I've recently experienced and learned about hygroscopic raised scars. I have very small ones on my forehead, that I never really thought anything about and I still don't mind them because you cannot see them unless you are using a magnifier. However, this past month I got two fairly large Hypertrophic (raised) scars. One from a HUGE cyst I got on my chin, I can still feel it there but it doesn't hurt. It's gone though but there is still a small bump where it used to be, luckily you cannot see it you can only feel it. Then there is the one on my cheek.. and there is two scars right beside each other. It's driving me insane because the breakout I had there wasn't bad, it was just a small pimple that created 2 scars! :) well I think they're scars.. I don't really know. They are raised but don't hurt anymore when I push down hard.


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