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Day 18



Hello! Today is my 18th day and I'm still going through an initial breakout (at least I hope that's what this is!). Here's a summary:

-Out of the six cysts I had drained last week, three disappeared completely and three are still under the skin and not doing much, but I think they are very slowly filling back up.

-I have a pimple by my mouth that I was hoping wasn't a cyst, but since it's been over a week and it's still a solid lump under my skin, I would say it's safe to say it is a cyst (yay!). I've also developed a new pimple on my jawline and two by my nose, but I think these will be gone in a few days

-I didn't have to blot my face once today, so the oil production has drastically dropped! However, the skin on the rest of my body is feeling this effect and is very itchy and I've developed a few red patches on my arms and chest.

-I've noticed lots and lots of blackheads on my face, which I don't normally have, but I hear that this is a sign that the drug is doing it's job. The redness on my face persists, but it's not too bad

-The dry scalp/ dandruff shampoo is helping my flaky scalp a lot

I guess that's about it for now. I don't have much new to report since I am still breaking out and learning how to best manage the accutane side effects, but I am forcing myself to stay positive and optimistic!


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