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Day 24 on Roaccutane



So today is day 24, feels like its been a lifetime already and I'm not even done with my first month!

I phoned Dermatology today to get my bloods back, and they're all normal thank God. My weekend was a bit booze-fuelled so I was surprised, but I'm glad! I've been really good since starting Roaccutane and not had a drink, but did slip up which I will try not to do too much.

Re my face, its getting dry now especially around the spots. They are quite scabby but I think they're reducing in size very slightly. However, I'm starting to notice a few new little friends popping up - they are very little and come up in a group, but don't tend to stick around for too long. I guess that's all the crap coming out of me. I've got one right on the end of my nose too - feel like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!! I asked Dermatology what I could put on them, and they advised me to just purely moisturise and let the drugs dry me out as too many products could make a mess of my face. They said ABSOLUTELY nothing like Benzoyl whatever it is or Clearasil spot drying products.

My lips are getting quite dry and I've noticed my nose is starting to dry out a bit but I keep putting the Vaseline up there - how attractive!!

I've bought some new products as follows:-

Neosporin - for my active spots as I read its supposed to be quite good with the healing process and it has antibiotic ointment in it.

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skincare Illuminator - Someone recommended this for scarring/red marks, and after checking out reviews online yesterday, I thought I'd give it a go. I've only used it twice so far so its too early to tell, but have already noticed its leaving my skin feeling very silky soft. Will update in a few weeks as to how I think its going - they say you should notice a difference after three. Its expensive but if it helps reduce scarring then its worth it.

That's all for now folks!! :)


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