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Long Update:

Hey all of you. there are probably a new round of desperate people with acne trying to find something that works for them. if that is you, keep reading. to all of those who remember my blog, this is an update for about a month and a half.

So, pretty much everything has changed for me. My long litany of vitamins actually cause me to have TOO much vitamins in my body, and it took me about 4 weeks to realize this might be the case. Since i was taking lots of lipid soluble vitamins ADEK (meaning you dont pe them out, i was retaining them), they actually had a negative affect. So, taking a multivitamin and am on the lookout for a specific one for acne.

In conjunction with daily muti, i am still taking fish oil and garlic, with now green tea extract. I might add in zinc since it always seems to help.

As my routine:

AM: shower, wash face with cetiphil, pat dry, apply LEMON JUICE, let soak in, apply jojoba oil, wipe of excess, let soak in, (somedays BP on top of that), and then usually clear zinc oxide sunscreen.

PM: wash, dry, lemon, jojoba. Change pillowcase as often as possible.

TIP: use the edges of your towel to dry your face, and the middle to fry hair. If you are like me and use towel more than once, this helps keep hair oil off face.

Other than that, i am able to weight lift a little and even take small protein drinks without breaking out totally.

TIP: Drinking lemon juice and water at night. Sip through straw to protect teeth. Apparently, we(americans) get too much basic foods, so we metabolize it and turn acidic, AKA leaning on acidosis. For proper body pH, consuming acids makes system metabolize and shift more toward basic, balancing pH. Kambucha and ACV are good as well.

TIP: For snacking, I try and stay away from processed food that i love, and eat trail mix. Its good, keeps the brain focused, and dried fruit combined with nuts are a proven powerhouse combo.

After all this, I have pretty regular skin tone. I have 3 active sites, and about 4 that are almost gone, barely noticeable in healing. I am very happy, and would like to share this with "the people". I hope this helps, because it has been a great resource for me and helped me on my path to clearer skin!


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