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Some help please! Duac, Retin-A, DermaSound



Ok, so I have been reading this site for years and joined to see if anyone could give me some suggestions. So let me tell you a bit about my skin.

I am in my 20s and have lived in a humid climate all of my life, so my skin used to be great and a touch oily. When I moved to Idaho, my skin went crazy! I all of a sudden had dozens of deep cysts embedded in my cheeks along my blush line and serious blackheads in my chin and lots of little bumps all over my forehead. It made me very self conscious. Anyway, I tried all sorts of products from Vichy's Acne line, to Origin's Acne and hydrating line. My skin was very dry after the move and I struggled a lot with keeping it hydrated as most creams felt as if they only stayed on the top of the skin.

A few months ago I started taking zinc and evening primrose oil to see if it would help. It helped only slightly, but hey, it is better than nothing! My skin went back to its oily self, but it seems more oily than I remember. Then about a month ago, my mom got some Retin-A micro (purple tube) samples and the dermatologist said I could use them too for my acne. I have been seeing a bit of a difference. Not much. So I wash my face with Cetaphil normal to oily face wash, out on Retin-A and then in fifteen minutes put on DML moisturizer (like cetaphil).

So I went to a dermatologist on Monday (08/29/11) and he said to add duac to my routine and do the same thing with the Retin-A in the morning, but swap Duac for the Retin-A. So I wash with Cetaphil like mentioned above and then put on Duac and fifteen minutes later put on DML. It seems pretty good so far.

Today things changed though (08/31/11). Not for my face, but I will explain. So I went to a get a facial offered at the same place as my dermatologist and she used a machine that looks like a scraping spatula that sprays water on the face and uses electricity to push bacteria and the nasty junk out of the pores (their alternative to microdermabrasion). The treatment was called DermaSound. After this my face was quite red and sensitive to the rest of the facial. She suggested I drop the Retin-A micro and do the Duac and the facials because the Retin-A would be too much exfoliation for my face and the whole system would dry my face out too much. I was just wondering if anyone out there has done all three, Retin-A Micro (stronger dose), Duac, and this type of facial (DermaSound). My face can usually handle pain and stinging. What do people suggest? Thank you!


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