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Right side breakout.



Okay, so anyone reading this knows that I had two REALLY bad breakouts on the sides of my face about 2 weeks ago. The breakouts have cleared a significant amount but the breakout on my right cheek looks HORRIBLY painful. There is about 2 very small active pimples and about 3 none active pimples that just sit there, and won't go away and they are all in a row. It looks almost like I got stitches and they are healing in a bumpy manor. Did I mention it HURTS a lot too? Like so much, ah! The only good thing is I can easily hide it with my hair, but when my boyfriend comes to see me I obviously can't really hide it. Also, it sucks because I love wearing my hair up, but for the past month I haven't been since it looks so shitty. :) I really hope my Diane35, or Septra kicks in soon, mostly because if it doesn't I am going to have really really bad scarring.


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