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3 months post-Accutane!



Hello everyone. Here is my 3 months after Accutane update. My skin is still amazingly clear. I have had a few small blackheads, but no whiteheads, pimples or cysts. Many days I go without any makeup whatsoever. My skin is not dry or oily...it is just normal and very low maintenance. My hair is thick, full and shiny. Most of my joint pain has resolved. My body skin is normal. My eyes are not dry anymore. Was it a pain in the ass? Absolutely. Would I do it again? You know it.

My only regret, and it it a very big one, is that I did not take Accutane years ago. Knowing what I know now, I would have saved countless dollars spent on useless creams, time wasted on worrying over my skin, hours spent at the dermatologist's office, days pining for clear skin that always seemed to belong to someone else...the list could go on and on forever.

I am 47 years old. For those of you reading this blog who are much younger, I hope you will heed my advice and take Accutane and quit screwing around with stuff that does not work. You will be so thankful in the long run that you did. If you are dealing with a doctor who won't help you out, find a new one who will. Believe me, your life will change forever!


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