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Aug 29



Well, I had some on and off spotting from Aug 24th to Aug 29. It's really weird. Today I had no spotting.

I did get one teeny tiny pimple on my chin...but nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow I will be in a photo shoot of musicians. It's going to be awsome. I had to go buy something fancy to wear....all black "concert attire" of course. I also bought a necklace, braclet and earing set. Overall, I spent more than I should, but this is once in a life time occasion and I really want to look my best. I'm just so thankful to God that I don't have to worry about my acne.....for the first time I can just concentrate on my hair and what I'm gonna wear!!! LOL.

I jsut pray my face doen't give a me a surprise tomorrow.....but all should be good.


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