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Week 1

Hope This Works!


First Four days: I'm using Neutrogena On the Spot until my BP from Acne.org arrives. Skin is more supple, even looking - I'm very pleased with this. BP has yet to completely dry out my skin. No new pimples so far. I had two active pimples when beginning this regimen, and both are going away quickly - except for this miniscule whitehead by my nose, which isn't noticeable but it's unusually persistent against my slathering BP on it.

Day Five: Okay, now the BP has caught up with me. Skin is flaky, tight - it flakes and peels when I change my expression considerably. Ew. Two new whiteheads on the side of my face. Pimples that were active when I first began are now gone, leaving ugly red marks in place (not a huge issue - scars are easily covered). Makeup is impossible to apply over this lizard skin, but once I get it on and it settles, my skin looks more even. Cracks by the end of the day, however. Flakes around my mouth and chin - looks like I've been eating crackers. Yuck.

Day Six: More of the same. Tight. Flaky. New small raised red bumps on left cheek and along right jaw. Lovely. What happened to that lovely improvement the first few days? Ugh. These were probably just old pimples that are just now surfacing. I have to hope that's what this is, at least.

Day Seven: Dan's BP arrived last night, as well as a bottle of jojoba oil. I'm incredibly nervous that this oil will cause a "purging" period and break me out. Dan's BP goes on better than Neutrogena, but it takes ridiculously long to dry. This is fine at night, but in the morning it prevents some issues. Last night I mixed two drops of jojoba oil with my moisturizer. This morning my skin is super supple and soft and not flaking at all. However, two new whiteheads on my left cheek. Yuck. Hope this is not going to happen all the time, because the jojoba feels excellent! Dan's BP, as expected, takes so long to dry this morning. I gave it 15 minutes to dry and then used a hairdryer on the "cool" setting. Didn't work that well - makeup goes on blotchy. Yuck. I'm going to try and use jojoba as an exfoliater and see if this causes less breakouts. I've heard such horror stories about jojoba causing massive purging!


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