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2 weeks today :)



havnt posted in a few days because there hasnt really been a change.

new pimples are popping up, then bp gel is flattening them within a day... but leaving red marks.

everything is pretty flat so with makeup all looks great but without there are still loads of red marks. flakiness is better than it was, so skin is adjusting to the ammount of bp gel.

i would still reccomend this regimen to everyone as for me its only 2 weeks and for the whole 2 weeks there has been great improvements.I have felt more confident than I have in yrs and have felt a huge adjustment in the time I am wanting to spend with people without worrying about my messy face :doh:

again my breakouts may be related to makeup not coming off properly as well as the progesterone cream i started last week, my hormones feel ok but i havnt seen this instant change in skin like some people experienced after going on it.i reckon if there is not a massive change ill stop it after this cycle,dont wanna mess with anything unneccesarily...

otherwise will keep posting now and then when theres a nice change etc ... :)


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