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And improving!!!



So the new regimen I have is doing amazing things to my skin, not miraculous (that would be banished acne and never returning) but it has greatly improved my overall skin.

So the bad initial breakout from the Veltin has subsided. There was a few days I ran out of the sample tubes, but started using it again at night on the pimples and tiny bumps under my skin, and they aren't so inflamed when they raise to a head. The veltin really helps to speed up the recovery/cell turnover.

Also, I started using the Bioderm H20 to removed my makeup, and I believe it nearly gets it all off. I can't believe how much makeup there is (I don't even use that much!) I definitely believe the breakouts were due to not getting rid of all my makeup. I'm not sure that it will or is causing a breakout, but because it's not too drying or oily, I will keep using it. Bought it on amazon for like 30 bucks.

I'm also using the papaya likas soap, which I'm not sure that I love, but I really like how soft my skin feels. It doesn't completely strip my skin of all the oil, but my face feels much cleaner than compared to Dan's cleanser. And I don't need to use much of it to get it to lather. I think the soap really works on skin that is already fairly light, because I notice my very fair skin and pink blotches are smoothing and becoming more of one tone. I'm not sure that it's improved the red marks or old scarring, but my overall skin has a glow to it.

Ok, so the absolute amazing part of this whole new regimen is the manuka honey. Since I bought it, I have used it as a mask. Sometimes I leave it on in the morning for 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how much time I have). I just wash my face with water in the morning, pat dry, then apply the honey all over, then pray or read my devotion. After I just wash off with water, sometimes I use a tiny bit of papaya soap. I could NOT believe how amazing this stuff is. Within 3 days of using it, nearly all the huge pimples on my chin had flattened and disappeared! I know I sound like I'm some advertiser, but I am actually blown away how this stuff actually works. I think the honey is what really gives my face a glow. My best friend spent the night last night, and though she could see my pimples, she told me I had a glow to my skin. I told her I wasn't wearing makeup and she didn't believe me. I told her it was the manuka honey. It was $20 for a little jar, but it is totally worth it. In the affected areas of my skin, I can feel something-not tingling, not burning, no zinging- but just that it's working. My skin feels very soft and hydrated after I use it.

So I have a few remaining pimples on my chin, and one on each side of my upper lip, but things are vastly improving. They are the most red obviously after I pop them, but in the morning it is dried out, scabs, and just peels off nicely nearly the next morning. A week and a half ago, I was considering accutane, and with adjusting my diet to simple nutritious natural foods, getting much more sleep, consistent and gentle with my skin, using basically all natural products, my skin is much much better. I continue to feel good about this new regimen.

I am so happy! It's not perfect, but I will never expect my skin to be perfect. I was considering getting laser therapy done on the left side of my face, and possibly right side of jawline, but I'm thinking of post-poning it. I read the potential awful long term consequences of it, and I don't want to take the risk. Even if it was a 1% chance of something going wrong, it is your face and you only get one. So, I believe I will let natural remedies and my body heal itself.

My joy is back!! I can take control and look at people in the eye with confidence. Ok, well now off to zzzzzzzzzzz......

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