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First Week.




So I started OTC lo a week ago. I decided to write a blog to track my progress and also to let a little bit of self esteem out. Over the summer my acne was improving. Literally almost clear with the exception of the scars. At that time I was only drinking water and some tea in the mornings and night. I would wash my face with St.Ives sensitive scrub. Then it all went bad two days before school started :doh: I really wanted to start my senior year without any pimples. I think it was the stress or maybe my acne is just hormonal. Before I would only break out on my right cheek but now I break out everywhere. I`m hoping the birth control will help. I`ve wanted birth control since April when I started being sexually active but didn't know how to get it without my mom knowing. It wasn't until last week that my bf finally took me to Planned Parenthood. By this time I wanted it more for the skin benefits I`d been reading about than actual birth control. Is that so wrong? Yeah, kill two birds with one stone type thing. The doctor I had told me OTC lo would help my acne so I was so happy! But she said I might get it worse before it gets better. The BC pills were free since I had no insurance, no job, and I was a minor. Yay! So I started the Pill that Sunday. My skin seems like it`s getting worse. I have deep under the skin pimples :) For now at least.. Hopefully it`ll start to get better in a month. Till then I will be posting my progress weekly. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone with acne!


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