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Day 14



Hello! Today marks the 14th day of my course and I am at 60 mg/ day. Here's a quick rundown of how things are going:

-the redness and flaky skin on my face is very mild, however my scalp is getting itchy and flaky so I think I will buy a dandruff/ dry scalp shampoo today

-my eyes are getting dryer and can look a little red at times, but eye drops take care of that, and my skin all over my body is slightly more itchy that normal

-The six cysts that I had drained on Wednesday looked pretty bad for a few days (I think Accutane makes your pimples scab much more that usual), but I put on neosporin every night and today they look a lot better

-I've developed one deep pimple (I don't think it's a cyst) next to mouth that's been hanging around for a few days and isn't coming to a head, another one on my chin that I think will come to a head, and I get a few tiny whiteheads each day

-My skin has gotten very smooth and shiny, and I see little lumps on my jawline and am curious to see if these turn into pimples or not

-no joint pains or stomach issues or fatigue

-I've started using Cerave lotion in addition to the moisturizer my esthetician gave me since it's a lot less greasy and works very well

I haven't been as careful with my diet this week (but still pretty good!) and I am still drinking lots of water and eating as many fruits and vegetables as I can. I started juicing again, which always helps my skin since you get several servings of fruits and vegetables in one cup. I'm also continuing with 1 TBSP of flax oil a day, but I may increase this since it definitely helps with dryness.

That's it for now. I hope everyone is doing well!


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