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Pantothenic Acid

Nautral Beauty


People With Any Type's Of Acne

Well as you can see me name is Natural Beauty, meaning I do everything naturaly & I want you guys too cause it's the safest & best way. Pantothenic acid is a vitamin meaning it has (Vitamin B5) in it. So let me make the easy for you cause I know it's not fun reading a lot. Coming from a teenager, haha. Well childs, kids, teenagers, adults & maybe older people all have acne because of hormone balance. Cause when we grow are hormones try to get balanced. That's why we get tall, grow hair, it changes are views in things, & of course are skin. Acne is because of that. Pantothenic Acid is a Vitamin that fixs & helps you balance your hormones out, meaning your grow without problems. Yes it really does help you, I had acne since I was 12 & I'm 15 now. My acne was mild. Now I'm turning 16 in a couple of months & my acne is gone. Yeah maybe I get like 2 or 3 breakouts every 2 weeks. But everyone does, plus there so small you can't see them. Pantothenic Acid is natural & best of all you don't need to buy it off the internet & wait & it's cheap! You can get it at your local health store or GNC or the nautral section in your superstore. Yes it's called "Pantothenic Acid". There are 3 bottles I know, but they all carry the same things. "D-Pantothenic Acid" & "L-Pantothenic Acid" or the the "Pantothenic Acid". It doesn't matter what brand it is cause they all deliver the same effect. I bought mines for 12 dollars. People it really works, just try it. If your search "Pantothenic Acid works for acne" there are many documents that people research for years. Over 2,000 people were tested. 90% got there whole face clear! This is natural & no effects at all.

I started using this about a week ago & my pores are closing & getting smaller. My pimples & zits are leaving. The skin of my face is looking better & much better. I most importent, I FEEL BETTER. I know acne is a pain in the fucking ass, trust me! But we all grow throw it, so don't worry & if those others didn't. Then lucky for them but in the future it could happen you never know. Girls & guys believe me in this. I'm 15, I do so much research & my mother is a nautral doctor. Just try it, we all try different things right, just try this. So grab a pen & write this down, & next time you go to a store like the ones I said. Pick it up!

My bottle has 90 tablets (Vitamins) & each are 250 mg. I take one in the morning when I wake up & one at night when I fall asleep. Please keep taking it, don't think it takes one day or two days to work. Things take time, & you know that, don't you, haha.

Well please try it & I hope this helps you, I know acne sucks! I've been throw it, but it's all about growing up. But it's all about the inside of you, I know. "People don't care, they just see you from the outside." That's what I told my mother, but just pray & think that your acne is going to go away & it will. Just be happy & don't be stress to much & laugh. Were all growing up fast.

& if your wondering who's this nice & helpful person talking to you, it's a teenager guy. Yes I am a guy, haha. I'm 15 years old & I'm just living life to the fullest & helping everyone else with my solution. So go on, try it. Don't be shy.

Leave a comment & rate, tell me what you think or what happen after you took my solution. Thank you everyone, hugs & love :).

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thanks for posting this! i was going through my vitamin drawer today just in a state of desperation looking for anything that could help my skin at all, and I found a bottle of pantothenic acid, 500 mg. I about put it back when I remembered the brand Pantothen pills that there are ads for all over the internet for acne treatment. So I pulled it out and looked it up online. I have mostly hormonal acne, around the mouth, and to see you say that you're a teenager and it worked for you and that it helps for hormone balance. so anyway... thank you! just one question: these that I found are 500 mg and you said you took 250 mg twice a day... if I just took the one 500 mg one every day would that work as well? or would it be better to take it twice a day, seperated by some time? :clap: thanks man!

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