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2nd package of Diane35 + Septra, Saturday August 27, 2011.



Status of Acne: Breakouts on the side of my face are almost gone, except I have developed a new pimple of my left cheek and I am getting 2 new (pretty large) pimples by my mouth/chin. Other side of my face is better, except I have a huge inflamed pimple on my chin, hurts like a MF!

Progress of Acne: NONE. It was clearing, but of course I just keep getting more.

Acne: Moderate.

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Why is acne so unpredictable? On Friday my face was virtually almost clear! I had only like, 2 or 3 active pimples on my face. Now, Saturday I have gotten 3 new pimples. I wouldn't mind ALL that much except for the 2 that are forming seem like they are going to be VERY large and painful. I have to work 3 days for 8 hours all day long in the sun, and now I have to deal with these new PIMPLES?!??!!?!?! Wow I am becoming extremely discouraged, soso discouraged. I mean I should probably stop worrying so much because other people's acne could be WAY worse then mine, but I still feel like a disgusting beast. I hate my skin, I hate my face. I FEEL SO UGLY! :'(

I am seriously considering Accutane. If I am going to breakout like this, I might as well be breaking out while on something that will give REAL results. I read the reviews on Septra, thinking it would help with my face, but it isn't. I know I've only been taking it for like 4-5 days, but I didn't think my acne would get worse? And my Diane35 pills are doing absolutely nothing for me too. I am even more anxious and scared to start my new school on the 8th because I wouldn't be surprised if all the girls there have gorgeous and flawless skin, while I am going to be sitting there caked up with makeup looking like a hideous monster! If I could relive this year I would have just took Accutane instead of Doxycycline.


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