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Day 51 - Post acutane




Almost two months post accutane and I am still 100 PERCENT clear!!! Is almost hard to believe that so far the meds are working and I have no breakouts. I'm extremely HAPPY and will never change my experience and the outcome! :doh:

Scaring is still visible and I'm hoping it will get better with time...I guess you can't have it all -But still much better then before....

I'm still using the clariphil soup and moisterizer and that's it. Nothing with medication on my face. I think that as long as my face stays clear I will continue using the clariphil....I love how simple it is to clean my face and add a little bit of lotion and then go...No need for step1, step2 step3 blah blah....Just wash and go! LoVE IT! :dance:

If anyone has any questions about your treatment please feel free to reach out!



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