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Ortho Lo: Day 19



Well, still getting pimples. One will come up. As soon as that one starts going away...ANOTHER ONE POPS UP!!! : | Kinda gets annoying yo... :\ It's mostly on the right side of my face... sighs. It's a never ending battle. GAH! CURSE YOU MISTER ACNE!

Anywhos, no spotting! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WHICH MAKES ME EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! EX TO THE TREMELY! :DI am soooo use to spotting for just about 2 months. Loseasonique was LAME. Thanks Loseasonique... it also caused some cramps for me...so we'll see when i start thee placebo pills soon if i cramp like before AND if i....BREAKOUT MORE! :doh: Ughs...dern acne...

I am also worried about when I decide to go off thee pill someday...when I want to have kids...I'll have thee worst breakout of my LIFE! I hate thinking about that.... :\

Oh well, it's too late now. If I didn't have HORRIBLE CRAMPS WITHOUT BC...then I would NEVER have turned to it in the first place...unless I became sexually active. I'm not right now...haha.




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