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The Wonderful Garlic



Aloha Peeps, (Read this whole thing before trying it...)

So although lifestyle changes are the utmost effective way to deal with acne (remember it is not a disease but a symptom) sometimes we still get those nasty pimps from time to time. Also sometimes changing our diet creates an initial purge causing anxiety and more crying spells as you recite Disney's " i'm a monster"...Just me? Oh well now you know. Well good thing you stopped here because after trying many OTC, Prescription, and natural spots treatments I've finally found the most effective and quickess treatment: GARLIC..And it works with all types of acne. I have the hormonal cystic type and it works wonders..in as little as two days!!! yay

Warning though, if you do it wrong you will blister your face. NO JOKE!!! it will look like you went nuts and decided to burn your zits with a cigarette. Not too nice. I was a professional hula dancer and i once went overboard with the garlic lets just say i'm glad hilton didn't fire me. It was very embarrassing though. Read on and I will teach you how to do it and how not to do it.

How to do it:

Crush or chop one clove of garlic (thats one section if you're like me and initially though clove meant the whole garlic. Place in any container you wish (toner bottle, bowl, etc) mix with water (about 3-4 tablespoons or 1 ounce). Mix. Voila use a que tip or cotton ball to spot treat. leave on overnight or atleast 10 minutes. OPTIONAL: mix in oil, noncomedogenic type (e.g. grapeseed, coconut, um i do not recommend tea tree as it may be too irritating with garlic)


Do not mash up and put on face like a mask.. NEVER EVER PUT THE FRUIT OF GARLIC ON YOUR FACE ONLY THE JUICE.

Alright peeps, have a good one. and Remember you are not your pimples and the good ones will see that...walk today with your head up because you are so much more than pimples...Don't be stupid


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