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Day 17 on Accutane



Haven't updated for a few days as have been feeling pretty down. The initial outbreak has well and truely hit me - I have three huge spots on my forehead and I never used to break out there. My chin now has one mahusive scab on it which is really raised from the big lighthouse spot I got, and I have four other ones on my chin which are quite big. I just feel like this is never going to get better, and I am going to look like this for ever. Quite depressed to be honest!

As regards side effects, I'm drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day (have always drunk plenty of water anyways), and my skin isn't really too dry - mind you, I moisturise every day at least once. My lips aren't too bad either, but I'm putting the Vaseline on about 20 times a day. If I haven't put it on for an hour or so I know about it only in that they taste funny and are dry, but they're not cracked and they don't hurt.

So am waiting for the drugs to do their job and kicks these spots into touch. I know its a long road, but right now I wish I had a fast-forward button on my life so that this would all be over.

As always, my BIGGEST worry is the scarring and redness, as this doesn't seem to be showing signs of going away. How long do acne scars that are red take to go? I spoke to another laser place today and they said they won't touch me until at least a year after I finish the Roaccutane, so it looks like I'm going to have to stay like this for a bloody long time!

I go to see the dermatologist again next Tuesday and no doubt he will up my dose of Accutane, which really frightens me as I'm only just getting by with these huge spots as it is. Oh well, as they say 'no pain no gain'. I just wish it was anywhere else on my body but my face, as unless I walk around with a berka on there is sod all I can do to cover it.


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